[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox 22.26 released

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue Dec 6 15:10:41 GMT 2022

Quoting Esteban Ordóñez (2022-12-06 15:02:46)
> Wow!  Even though I do not like that everything must work with
> Javascript in Freedombox, I think that the work being done is prolific. 
> I wish there would be a way for working with Freedombox as a server
> without necesarily using Javascript.
> Another issue I have is that it is part of a nonfree operating system. 
> In the past, Debian was nonfree according to the FSF guidelines.  Now it
> is nonfree according to Debian's guidelines also.

Hi Esteban.

This is your second post complaining about a core Debian issue on this
list.  Please stop: You cannot revert the the democratic Debian decision
by posting to this mailinglist about it.

You are welcome to try make a fork of Freedombox, e.g. based on Devuan
which I imagine might share your opinion.  And then when you have
something substantial working (but not before, please) then I suggest
you make this list aware of your success, and I imagine that this
project will be more than happy to promote your fork as an alternative
for those sharing your views on the matter.

For the record, I am a Debian developer and I voted against what became
decided about blobs in Debian main, but I prioritize the continuity of
Debian higher than the high principles that I had hoped was shared among
a majority of Debian but evidently wasn't.

Also, I am working on another fork of FreedomBox, for different reasons,
but have so far (some years not) chosen not to bother this list much (if
at all, till now - not quite sure) about pet project of mine...

Kind regards, and good luck if you choose to make a fork of Freedombox,

 - Jonas

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