[Freedombox-discuss] connecting to freedombox computer over lan cable?

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 17 18:41:48 GMT 2022

On Sat, Dec 17, 2022 at 02:12:58PM +0000, vvt at mail-on.us wrote:
> computer A is running a x86 gnulinux system.
> computer B is running x86 freedombox.
> Connecting computer A and computer B with a lan cable, can
> you then administer freedombox from computer A? Thanks.

Maybe I'm not understanding something about your setup, but that is how
I've always been using my freedombox.  Depending on how many ethernet
ports your FreedomBox hardware has (mine has 3, 1 is the external
interface, 2 and 3 are internal interfaces) just plug in an ethernet
cable into an/the internal interface, plug an internal switch there and
then plug computer A into it.  This is my setup.  From computer A I can
ssh into the FreedomBox, I can also use a broswer pointed to
https://<local name of the FreedomBox>.local to see the web interface of
the FreedomBox.

If your FreedomBox only has one ethernet port, and it is connected to
the cable modem/router (and this is the external interface), I presume
your Freedombox setup has assigned the wifi interface (if any) as the
internal network.  Can't comment more without knowing more details.

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