[Freedombox-discuss] Not Able to Report Problems via the Issue Tracker

Marko Dimjašević marko at dimjasevic.net
Sun Jan 2 20:46:41 GMT 2022

Dear all,

When FreedomBox runs into a 500 server error, it provides this message:

"This is an internal error and not something you caused or can fix. Please
report the error on the bug tracker so we can fix it. Also, please attach
the status log to the bug report."

In its HTML original form, the "bug tracker" part points to
https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/issues . To be able to
report a bug there, one first needs an account on GitLab at
salsa.debian.org. I went through the registration process a week ago, and
the final screen informed me someone has to approve my account before I can
use it. So far my account has not been approved. This blocks me from
reporting an issue with FreedomBox.

I'm keen to open a ticket in the issue tracker and to contribute to
FreedomBox. Given that my account has not been approved so far, I wonder if
account registration is restricted to existing Debian Maintainers and
Developers only. If so, I would suggest to communicate that in error
messages like above. If there is no such restriction, can someone please
take a look at my account registration request (email:
marko at dimjasevic.net)?

Is there another way to report an issue that I am not aware of?

Marko Dimjašević <marko at dimjasevic.net>
Mastodon: https://mamot.fr/@mdimjasevic
PGP key ID:       056E61A6F3B6C9323049DBF9565EE9641503F0AA
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