[Freedombox-discuss] Dependency problem for matrix-synapse.

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 14:19:25 GMT 2022


I noticed that matrix-synapse was not upgrading with aptitude (the
auto-upgrade had not had an upgrade in days, possibly a week) and it
turns out it needed python3-authlib and python3-jwt.  Installed those
manually and then tried again.  It now needs pythno3-frozendict, which
is already installed (at version 3.38.0-2).  It now breaks
matrix-synapse-ldap3.  Removed it.  Reinstalled it.  Actually 2 packages
were re-installed, but it's back at "Breaks matrix-synapse-ldap3 (<

It appears there's no way to upgrade matrix-synapse.  It was working for
a few days but now Element doesn't allow me to join a meeting, no matter
how many times I click on the button to do so. It also disconnects me
every 30 seconds.  The current version: matrix-synapse [1.48.0-1-bpo11+1

This is possibly another manifestation of an issue I've seen discussed
here a few days ago where some suggested packages were actually required,
but what do I do about this latest loop?

The "recommended" packages python3-pympler and python3-ldap are already
installed.  This is on a FreedomBox stable.



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