[Freedombox-discuss] Mastodon?

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 10 18:56:50 GMT 2022

With everything that is happening with twitter these days, I looked at
Mastodon in some detail.  Per:


it is not trivial to set up, but most importantly it requires a
domain (*.freedombox.rocks, that I already have established),
a server (the FreedomBox) and an email server.  The latter is the

Even though there is an app on the FreedomBox already (Postfix/Dovecot),
it doesn't work with the freedombox.rocks domain.  Any idea when this is
going to change? The documentation says it is in the works.

I've been waiting anxiously for this app to work with the freedombox.rocks
domain.  Mastodon, being a federated system, seems perfect for the
philosophy of the FreedomBox.  I would really like to see it added to the
FreedomBox.  I've never been on social media (twiter or facebook) but I
would set up mastodon in my Freedombox.  From the above page:

Mastodon Features

 o Total data control. You can download all your posts and migrate to another instance.
 o Never worry about account termination by a central organization.
 o Each Mastodon instance can set its own rules.
 o 500 character limit per post.
 o Mobile-friendly, responsive web design. Users can read or post from laptop, tablet and phone.
 o 100% free open source. No paid commercial version with better or more complete features.
 o Official mobile apps for Mastodon are available for iOS and Android
 o And many more.

A huge thank you to the developers.  My FreedomBox has become indispensable.
I recently had a power-failure induced crash and Firefox forgot about all my
almost 500 tabs.  I managed to recover them from a backup file and just
finished importing them into Shaarli.  Wonderful!


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