[Freedombox-discuss] Progress report 1

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 14 23:15:51 BST 2023

On Mon, Jun 12, 2023 at 08:53:02PM -0400, A. F. Cano wrote:
> * php-common 2.93 won't install because php7.4.33+deb11u3 has 48
>   dependencies.  Since I'm not sure how much damage I can cause by
>   removing all those dependencies manually I'll do that later and
>   gradually, assuming that some package management solution doesn't
>   happen in the meantime.

Removing packages carefully finally allowed me to get rid of
php7.4.33+deb11u3.  After that I could install php-common 2.93.

Now there are no package conflicts or partially installed ones.

> * Zopth stopped working.

Modified /etc/php/8.2/fpm/php.ini:

max_execution_time = 60 (used to be 30)
post_max_size = 16M (used to be 8M)
upload_max_filesize = 16M (used to be 2M)

And now zoph works.  Also modified the other php.ini files in


but those changes didn't affect zoph.


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