[Freedombox-discuss] Preventing auto-reboots and auto-updates?

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Mar 9 15:33:06 GMT 2023

Freedombox seems to like to reboot, but now that I use it on a box that
I also use for other purposes, it's rather annoying.

IIUC the reboots are linked to the "auto-update" functionality.
But when I try to disable it, it ... "doesn't work".

More specifically, I do the following:

- Go to https://<MYSERVER>/plinth/sys/upgrades/
- See the little checkmark next to "Enable auto-update"
- Click on that checkmark to remove it.
- Click on "Update setup".
- See the page updated with a green message at the top saying

    Automatic upgrades disabled

- Yet also see in that same page that "Enable auto-update" still has
  a checkmark next to it!
- And next day's logs show that auto-updates are indeed enabled,
  and the machine scheduled a reboot.

How can I really disable those auto-updates?
[ I'm mostly annoyed by the auto-reboots, but I'd also be happy to
  disable the auto-updates.  ]


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