[Fsf-Debian] Non-free firmware question during install

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Sat Aug 4 10:12:26 UTC 2012


When during the installation the network device needs firmware what's
not on the install-media, you get a message about missing non-free
firmware. [1]

In most cases it will be missing non-free firmware, but it's possible
that there is free firmware what's not on the installation media.
E.g. because it's really new.

Is it an idea to change this to: "Some of your hardware needs firmware
what's not on the installation media." ?

With regards,

[1] the message:
[!] detect network hardware

Some of your hardware needs non-free firmware to operate. The firmware
can be loaded from removable media, such as a USB stick or floppy.

The missing firmware files are: ......

If you have such media available now, please insert it, and continue.

Load missing firmware from removable media?

Yes       No
Where "Yes" is the default choice.


Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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