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Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Mon Aug 6 10:58:24 UTC 2012

On Mon,   6 Aug 2012, 18:22:07 EST, Paul van der Vlis <paul at vandervlis.nl> wrote:

> Op 06-08-12 00:22, Karl Goetz schreef:
> > On Sun,   5 Aug 2012, 23:04:20 EST, Paul van der Vlis
> > <paul at vandervlis.nl <mailto:paul at vandervlis.nl>> wrote:
> > > I think this is all possible, except the point about the mailing
> > > lists. In my opinion there should be "freedom of speech" on the
> > > lists.
> > 
> > Aiui the problem is in promoting - or being seen to promote -
> > proprietary software. 'Everyone' knowing about a repository wont count
> > against a distro unless it gets promoted by official channels.
> When e.g. the DPL would be asked about the changes during an interview,
> he should have the freedom to explain it. In my opinion that's something
> else then promoting nonfree.

Sorry, i think my brain dropped some context. What is 'it' in the paragraph above?

> When an DD answers a question about wifi in a mailinglist he should have
> the freedom to tell about nonfree.org. I don't mean something 

> the existence of nonfree.org in documentation on the wiki. Not

its currently against the requirements of free distos. At least for now, i think we should put this aside and look at other ways of collaborating.

> promote nonfree software, but not everybody has the money to buy
> hardware what runs with free firmware. At the moment, most cheap
> mainboards (95%?) are using a Realtek network chip what

that claim seems unsubstantiated to me.
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