[Fsf-Debian] few arguments to FSF

Adam Bolte abolte at systemsaviour.com
Mon Aug 13 03:56:47 UTC 2012

On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 03:49:33PM +0200, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Op 11-08-12 01:05, Karl Goetz schreef:
> > Not sure i follow - people who want to use free software so much they
> > contribute to an fsf free distro will be very unlikely to start working
> > on a nonfree repo.
> That's an intersting point.
> People who like to have nonfree stuff in Debian would not like to make
> something as nonfree.org. Because what they have now is fine.
> People who do not like to have nonfree stuff in Debian, they would not
> like to make something as nonfree.org because they don't like nonfree.
> So who would like to give energy to something like nonfree.org?
> It must be someone who likes to have a free system, but also uses
> sometimes nonfree stuff.
Indeed. Perhaps if the Debian project decided on a certain direction (as in
deciding to be free enough to satisfy the FSF) which happened to mean dropping
non-free and any association with it, the packagers of existing non-free
packages might work on nonfree.org to continue their work.

I'm not saying they would like it though. Some might not bother packaging
non-free software any more. Managing the infrastructure would be considerably
more work than creating packages, I'd imagine.

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