[Fsf-Debian] few arguments to FSF

Bryan Baldwin bryan at katofiad.co.nz
Mon Aug 13 08:21:29 UTC 2012

On 08/13/2012 01:49 AM, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Op 11-08-12 01:05, Karl Goetz schreef:
>> Not sure i follow - people who want to use free software so much
>> they contribute to an fsf free distro will be very unlikely to
>> start working on a nonfree repo.
> People who do not like to have nonfree stuff in Debian, they would
> not like to make something as nonfree.org because they don't like
> nonfree.
> So who would like to give energy to something like nonfree.org? It
> must be someone who likes to have a free system, but also uses 
> sometimes nonfree stuff.

I would. I think in these days of outright hostility to user freedom,
its more important that Debian and FSF form a united front. If Debian's
community are behind the effort, then I would put aside my own projects
to help do the groundwork to make it possible.

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