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Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at rulezlan.org
Thu Dec 23 21:14:54 UTC 2010

2010/12/23 Laurent Espitallier <laurent.espitallier at laposte.net>

>  Le 23/12/2010 21:32, Gonéri Le Bouder a écrit :
> 2010/12/23 Laurent Espitallier <laurent.espitallier at laposte.net>
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to write for my company needs some specific plugins to extend
>> Fusion
>> Inventory Windows Agent.
>> I believe I must write them in Perl ? Where must I store the script ? How
>> to
>> enable it ?
>> In fact is there an "Hello World" tutorial to add a software entry to the
>> inventory for example ?
> Hi laurent,
> What kind of changes do you need?
> Happy chrismas,
>  --
>      Gonéri Le Bouder
> I'd like to check for directories, shortcuts or other files revelant of
> some business applications but not in the registry.
Ok, do you plan to create new section in the XML for that? I attached an
example of script to detect a software. I suggest you to take a look on the
full /FusionInventory/Agent/Task/Inventory/OS hierarchy. The script are not
to understand IMO.
Here you will find the XML format and the "$inventory object" documentation:

> I'd also like to execute regularly some tasks like checking the last
> computer logon time and reboot it if necessary, but I dont want to use the
> task scheduler for that.
Indeed, that's something you can do with OCS. But, psexec (or winexec) can
be here a much simpler alternative in some case. It depends on the number of
machine you want to manage.

> Maybe there are some better practices. My server is an OCS inventory NG
> 1.3.2
If you add new information in the XML, you will need to patch OCS.

For the record, in the coming week, we will release the plugin for GLPI
0.78. With it, you'll be able to
bypass OCS server and so simplify the requirement needed to add new
information in the inventory.

Best regards,
     Gonéri Le Bouder
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