[Fusioninventory-user] On the road to FusionInventory Agent 3.0

Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at rulezlan.org
Tue Jul 20 15:15:26 UTC 2010

Dear FusionInventory Developers and Users,

We've got fresh news about the FusionInventory Agent.

Version 2.1 agent is mostly ready :  we plan release a last rc3
release in the coming days with this time a Windows installer. It'll
feature :
 - full Windows support (UTF-8, 64bit software inventory, USB devices,
AntiVirus and more)
 - large HP-UX improvment, iLO card inventory, and HPVM support
 - BSD: various fixes
 - large code clean up and new unit tests
 - Virtuozzo support
 - RPC system : it's now possible to force an inventory from the server side
 - CPU CORE/THREAD inventory
 - Various Solaris improvement (uncommited yet)
 - a lot more
You can read the full Changelog there:

This 2.1 had involved several developers and contributors : Goneri le
Bouder, Guillaume Rousse, Amir Pakdel, Sébastien Prud'homme, David
Durieux, Emengao, Aurélien Bondis, Alex Mauer, Jan Jungmann, Lucas
Massé, Walid Nouh, Gubas, Benoit Machiavello and more people I may
have forgotten.

Today during a phone meeting we've started preparing the future and
have decided to prepare two different branches:
 - 2.2 aka the master branch
 - 3.0 aka the experimental git branch

New features have been added the road-map :

The 2.2 will integrate features originally planned for the 2.1
release, but postponed
Agent 3.0 will have some major code rewrite.

Of course, feedback are welcome!
   Gonéri Le Bouder

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