[Fusioninventory-user] Command-line parameters for silent setup of fusioinventory-agent on Windows

Christoph Haas chhaas-ml at uk-bw.de
Fri Jul 30 08:21:55 UTC 2010

Hello David,

Am Freitag, 30. Juli 2010, um 09:50:57 schrieb David DURIEUX:
> In cmd command if you do :
> fusioninventory-agent_2.1_rc3+devel-20100730-0908.exe /h
> it don't works ?

nope. As I wrote:
- fusioninventory-agent_2.1_rc3+devel-20100730-0908.exe /h 
  gives no help, but initiates "normal" setup

- fusioninventory-agent_2.1_rc3+devel-20100730-0908.exe /s 
  starts no silent-setup, but initiates "normal" setup

- fusioninventory-agent_2.1_rc3+devel-20100730-0908.exe /S 
/server=https://myserver.uk-bw.de/fusioninventory /no-ssl-check
  _upper_ /S initiates a silent setup, but without using the other parameters.

The fusioninventory-agent_2.1_rc3+devel-20100730-1009.exe does no other..

Tested on different machines with Win XP SP3.

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Christoph Haas
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