[Fusioninventory-user] Command-line parameters for silent setup of fusioinventory-agent on Windows

David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Fri Jul 30 10:45:45 UTC 2010

Le Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:07:20 +0200
Christoph Haas <chhaas-ml at uk-bw.de> a écrit:

>Am Freitag, 30. Juli 2010, um 10:25:41 schrieb David DURIEUX:
>> Ok, I will install an XP with SP3 to test..
>> David
>thanks. On what OS did you do your tests? Vista? Win7?
>I'm really not sure, why the setup-file should behave on XP SP3 other
>than on Vista or Win7 ... But this is at the moment my last clue

Windows 2000, XP sp2, seven

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