[Fusioninventory-user] fusioninventory ssl support

Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at rulezlan.org
Wed Nov 10 16:33:36 UTC 2010

2010/11/10 Tom Carpenter <tomc at bio.umass.edu>:
> I installed FusionInventory Agent 2.1.6 using apt on my Ubuntu 10.10
> (amd64) system. "/etc/fusioninventory/agent.cfg" contains the lines
> # OCS Inventory server with SSL
> # server=https://yourserver/ocsinventory
> does this imply that FusionInventory Agent supports the use of SSL
> when uploading inventory information to the OCS Inventory
> communications server? I haven't looked at the current development
> OCS Inventory code to know if SSL support for agent uploads of
> inventory information is planned.

Hi Tom,

Yes FusionInventory Agent support SSL. You can even do software deployment
with HTTPS but in this case you need to do a little hack on ocs server.
I attached the patch.

Best regards,
     Gonéri Le Bouder
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