[Fusioninventory-user] Some clarification on equipment import...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Tue Jul 3 15:16:42 UTC 2012

As stated in previous email, i'm testing fusion inventory on a little
installation, with the idea to implement in a rather big (200+ pc) one.

I've deployed the client, and all works as expected.

1) pc data load flawlessy; a bit ''verbose'' on components side, but
 does not hurt.

2) absolutely too verbose on software side, but i've put all
 autoinstalled software on 'FUSION' category and so i can hide

3) on the 'connection side', even there's too much ''fuss''. eg:

 a) for printers, even the network and virtual one are taken into the

 b) for periperals, even mices got imported!

 c) for network connection, also miniport drivers and other virtual
  ones got imported.

For a) and b) seems that the right solution are simply build rules that
import only devices that have a serial: mouse and network printers does
not have one. Right?

But for c) ? How can i build a rule that (can do the best for) import only
the real interfaces? Someone have hints?

last question. Looking for import rules, i've seen that there's, for
every class of devices, at least one specific rule and, last, a generic
On specific rule, see the 'Computer serial + uuid':, there's, for

 Assets to import : Serial Number	is already present in GLPI	Yes
 Assets to import : Serial Number	exists				Yes
 Assets to import : UUID		is already present in GLPI	Yes
 Assets to import : UUID		exists				Yes
 Assets to import : Item Type		is				Computer

 FusionInventory link	Assign	Link if possible, else create device

Criteria mean to me: if a computer have S/N and UUID, and S/N and UUID
 are just on GLPI

But action confuse me: what mean 'Link if possible, else create
device'? if the criteria require that S/N and UUID just exist on GLPI,
how can be true the 'else create device' part?

Probably is the way rules are written, but... confuse me a bit. ;-)


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