[Fusioninventory-user] Again some clarification on import rules...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Tue Jul 10 10:12:52 UTC 2012

Ok, i've upgraded my main GLPI installation to 0.80.X, and so installed
FusionInventory 0.80+1.5, and i'm starting to propagate agents, for now
on a little subnets.

Still i've found some trouble, expecially on import rules.

Probably i'm missing something, or i've not understood how rules work,
but seems to me there's no way to prevent the autocreation of monitor,
printers and peripherals if they have no serial.

After some test with the existing rules, i've added two more rule, as:

+ Filter inexistent S/N
  Assets to import : Serial Number	does not exist	Yes
  To be unaware of import	Assign	Yes

+ Filter empty S/N
  Assets to import : Serial Number	exists	Yes
  Assets to import : Serial Number	is empty	Yes
  To be unaware of import	Assign	Yes

immediately after the 'computer' rules; anyway monitor, printers and
peripherals with empty/nonexistent S/N are imported.

Another trouble came from the scarce flexibility of S/N match. OK, S/N
match have to be precise, but i think that have to be taken into
account the fact that some manufacturers print on S/N lable a code that
have some chars more that the effective S/N: eg, samsung print on
monitor a S/N that really is part number + s/n, some other add a char
at the end.
I think that another match have to be added, looking for (exact) substring.

Also, is common when you add item to your inventory by hand, to do some
mistakes: eg, mix 'O' and '0'.

I think that in the next FI version a feature can be added: some sort
of ''staging'', eg peripherals (monitor, printers, devices, ...) does
not got imported automagically, but can be checked by hand (could be
also with some hints, like ''the S/N sounds like of that device'') and
then imported.


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