[Fusioninventory-user] Fusionagents overwrite each other

Falko Trojahn trojahn+fusion at pluspol.info
Fri Jun 15 15:44:10 UTC 2012

and thanx for your quick answers.

>> There is probably a common key information shared by the two computers
>> like:
>>    - a serial number (in BIOS XML section)
>>    - a MAC address (in NETWORKS XML sections)
>>    - a UUID (in BIOS XML section)
Don't think so. Just compared two of the Fusinv XML downloads -
UUID and SSN are different.

But you are right, there is one MAC address (of 5..8 in one xml file)
which is identical between both computers: that of
"F5521gw Mobile Broadband Driver".

> Also, check your GLPI plugin matching rules by navigating to:
> Home->Plugins->FusionInventory->Equipment import and link rules

IMHO these seem to be the default ones:

	Computer serial + uuid 		Ja	 	
	Computer serial 		Ja		
	Computer mac 		Ja		
	Computer name 		Ja		
	Computer import 		Ja		
	Printer serial 		Ja		
	Printer mac 		Ja		
	Printer name 		Ja		
	NetworkEquipment serial 		Ja		
	NetworkEquipment mac 		Ja		
	NetworkEquipment import 		Ja		
	Find serial in all GLPI 		Ja		
	Find mac in all GLPI 		Ja		
	Find name in all GLPI 		Ja		
	Unknown device import 		Ja		

So what can I do now? For some time now - I have the feeling, that all
recent or newer devices share the same entry, perhaps after this driver
had been installed on some devices?

I've changed the rule "Computer mac" to "Computer mac and serial". Do
you think this could be sufficient?

best regards,

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