[Fusioninventory-user] A proposal for the opposite term to 'Server Mode'.

Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at rulezlan.org
Wed Jun 20 12:40:08 UTC 2012

2012/6/19 Tomás Abad <tabadgp at gmail.com>:
>   Hello,
>   The first thing to keep in mind is that all the terms do not have an
> opposite. Respond to the question "what is the opposite of blue?" is,
> therefore, impossible. Respond to the question "what is the opposite of
> 'Server Mode'?" is, in the same way, impossible (at least for me).
>   I think that the solution happens for choosing another term for 'Server
> mode' that has an opposite one.
>   'Background Mode' instead of 'Server Mode' and 'Foreground Mode' as a new
> term could be a solution. I think this 'Background/Foreground Mode' solution
> is clear and does not conflict with the scheduled executions; the
> FusionInventory Agent could be scheduled launching it in Background Mode or
> launching it in 'Foreground Mode' (anacron or cron in *nix, task schedule in
> Microsoft Windows, etc.).
Server mode means the agent will be always active. It can be in
foreground (--no-fork) or
background, it will stay in memory as a running process.

Best regards,
     Gonéri Le Bouder

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