[Fusioninventory-user] A proposal for the opposite term to 'Server Mode'.

Tomás Abad tabadgp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 16:38:58 UTC 2012


   These are the two execution modes of the FusionInventory Agent.

   Sketch of states of FusionInventory Agent in 'Server mode'

                                 Remote Schedule
                |                                          |
     Start      v  +------------+               +------+   |
       >-----------| Exec Tasks |-------------->| Wait |---+
                   +------------+   End Tasks   +------+
                          |                         |
                          |                         |        +-----+
                          +---------->---------->---+------> | End |
                                      Abort                  +-----+

   In this mode, the cycle is started, normally, by the OS at boot time
-although can be also started by the user- and it's running -carrying
out tasks or waiting- until it receives a signal to end up. The agent
can exit its standby state either by a end up signal or by an order of
execution of an remote scheduler -like FusionInventory for GLPI-.

   In this mode we can say without fear to make a mistake than the agent
is always running.

   Sketch of states  of FusionInventory Agent in 'Unnamed mode'

     Start         +------------+               +-----+
       >-----------| Exec Tasks |-------------->| End |
                   +------------+   End Tasks   +-----+

   In this mode there are not cycle, the FusionInventory Agent starts,
do its mission and end up, that is all. There's not schedule or wait.
This schedule can be done using local schedulers as 'cron' or 'anacron'
in *nix systems or 'task schedules' in Microsoft Windows systems, for

   In this mode we can say than the agent start, does its mission, and
end up.

   As we can see, in both modes the main thing is what the agent does
(how it behaves) and not how it does it (in background or foreground, as
a service or a task, …) or when it does its mission (when the user write
and launch the agent through the command line or whether it is launched
by 'cron', 'anacron' or 'task schedule'). Nor is it important whether
its mission is performed directly (from the command line, that is what I
understand by 'direct mode') or is performed indirectly (from a local or
remote scheduler; that is what I understand by 'indirect mode'). The
principal thing, in this issue, is what the agent does (how it behaves).

   With all of that in mind, here I leave another suggestion -or idea-:

                        Server Mode / OnceExec Mode
                        Server Mode / OneTime Mode
                        Server Mode / Once Mode

   Thanks for your time. Best regards.

Tomas Abad
Ingeniero de Sistemas / Systems Engineer

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