[Fusioninventory-user] Questions about netinventory & SNMP models

David Durieux d.durieux at siprossii.com
Wed May 23 17:28:48 UTC 2012

Mario Jorge de Sousa Freire <mario.freire at camara.gov.br> a écrit :

>1) I've heard that in the future users will be able to create their own
>SNMP models. Do you think this feature will be available on next main
>version (0.83+1.0)?

Oh no, it's a big work to code this, so not available in 0.83+1.0. I haven't date for this, except if somebody want to pay for this :)

>2) Is it possible to use SNMP models for computers (servers) and
>perhaps need less installed clients (using net inventory o get more
>information instead of using inventory)?

I'm not really ok for this because get data depend of snmp implementation in the system... and so very different... so will have many problems with this

>3) Why do I need to send the whole snmpwalk if only a part of these
>information will be useful? Can I send only the OIDs (not the values -
>because some information is confidential)?

The snmp is used to create model.
But how do you know oid we use?
For confidential problem, with community snmp model creation tool it will be resolved because snmpwalk will be uploaded only on you glpi ;)

>4) Why net inventory is not implemented stepwise: first get standard
>MIB (by default) and then try to get additional information using SNMP

Because oids names not same between 2 mibs, mibs not always ok with firmware... so not good solution

>Please, if some questions are not clear, just tell me, ok?
>Thanks in advance!
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