[Fusioninventory-user] New FusionInventory-Agent Windows Installer v2.3.0-2013052101 released.

David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Wed May 22 13:30:51 UTC 2013

Le Tue, 21 May 2013 23:33:38 +0200
Tomás Abad <tabadgp at gmail.com> a écrit:

>   Hello to everybody,
>   Goneri said to me that I should also write these things here, and
>that is what I do.
>   There is a new experimental release of the new Microsoft Windows
>Installer for FusionInventory Agent available. You are invited, again,
>to test it!, download it from SourceForge (1).
>   With the new release v2.3.0-2013052101
>      * All the option screens are available (but not all the options
>        work).
>      * Now there exist two versions, stable one and other one of
>        development. The last one has a different aspect in its graphic
>        installation to distinguish it more easily.
>      * Some errors have been resolved.
>   I hope you like the new look and new options of the installer.
>   Best regards,
>  (1) Yet Another Microsoft Windows Installer for FusionInventory
> Agent. http://sourceforge.net/projects/fiawi/

* Add an option to add or not link into start menu to fusioninventory
  agent status page (like we have with actual windows setup (checked by

* In page where you can add servers url, put first url to glpi/plugin
  fusion and after ocsinventory link

* In this same window, not have space after comma (in separation of 2
  server url).

* All options is very good ;)

* background under fusion logo is beautifull ^^

Not have yet tested on all windows version and command line

So, good job ^^


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