[Fusioninventory-user] Some info on the new windows installer

Tomás Abad tabadgp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 18:26:18 UTC 2013

   Hello Marco Gaiarin,

On 10/09/13 17:34, Marco Gaiarin wrote:
> Mandi! Tomás Abad
>  [...]
> I've retried on XPsp3 x86, and a reboot trigger. I've launched the
> installer with:
> 	"\\media\software\WPKG\fusioninventory-agent_windows-x86_2.3.0.exe" /S /acceptlicense /execmode=Manual /installtype=from-scratch /tag=sv /server="https://helpdesk.sv.lnf.it/plugins/fusioninventory/front/plugin_fusioninventory.communication.php"
> as a SYSTEM user.
> I've looked at %TEMP%, but there's only a .tmp folder with options.ini
> and commandlineparser.log, that seems relative only to command line
> parsing.

   Perhaps there's the same error that here

    " You should use simple quotes (') to set between quotation marks
      those values that require it; double quotes (") doesn't work with

   Please try this

/S /acceptlicense /execmode=Manual /installtype=from-scratch /tag=sv

   Best regards

Tomás Abad

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