[Fusioninventory-user] Issues with Windows Agent Installer and SSL

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 21:24:35 UTC 2015

Le 14/08/2015 16:36, Joseph Carroll a écrit :
> Thanks and hope someone can shed some light on these issues I'm facing.
Ok, let's try to sort issues...

The agent *installer* is just the piece of code that extract files from 
the executable archive, install them on disk, and eventually preset 
configuration directive in the registry. That means than 75% of 
supported command-line switches, such as /server, or /no-ssl, are 
actually not *installer* options, but *agent* options... I personally 
find this very confusing, but the *installer* maintainer thought it was 
useful for the end user, as it avoided him to manually edit the 
registry. As a consequence, there is no ssl-related code in the 
installer, and your problem is actually an agent problem.

So, you can forget about the installer. You can also ignore the 
configuration stored in the registry, and use command line switches to 
get a relevant trace, ie:
<path>/perl <path>/fusioninventory-agent --config none --logger stderr 
--debug --debug --debug --server https://your.glpi.server

Authoritative documentation available here:

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