[Fusioninventory-user] Network port discovery and their mapping to Computers

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Mon Dec 5 01:57:46 UTC 2016


I am having trouble getting the discovered network ports automatically 
connected to the appropriate Computers they are related to.

Here is the scenario. I have a small office network with 5 managed 
switches (Dell PowerConnect 5548 and Networking N2048, Cisco  SG200). I 
_think_ I have properly conifgured LLDP on the uplink ports advertising 
System Name an System Capabilities. The switches seem to discover and 
properly list their neighbours.

FusionInventory is able to discover the switches and their interfaces, 
but the machines registered by the FusionInventory Agents are randomly 
mapped to ports all over the place. There are "hubs" connected to 
switches' management interfaces and probably half of the machines are 
connected to these hubs. The other half of the machines are appearing on 
aggregated or physical uplink ports. Only a few machines are mapped to 
the physical port they are connected to.
At first I thought the problem might be caused by reused LAG IDs, but 
after I switched to unique IDs for the whole network nothing has 
changed. I am not experienced with networking beyond this simple setup, 
so the trick may be with LLPD or how SNMP is configured.

I would like to humbly ask the community's help on this issue since you 
probably have way more experience in this. I am happy to provide more 
information, just let me know whay you need.

GLPI version: 9.1.1
FusionInventory version: 9.1+1.0
Cisco SG200:
Dell PowerConnect 5548:
Dell Networking N2048:

Kind regards,

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