[Fusioninventory-user] Network port discovery and their mapping to Computers

David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Mon Dec 5 08:29:41 UTC 2016

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>I am having trouble getting the discovered network ports automatically 
>connected to the appropriate Computers they are related to.
>Here is the scenario. I have a small office network with 5 managed 
>switches (Dell PowerConnect 5548 and Networking N2048, Cisco  SG200).
>I _think_ I have properly conifgured LLDP on the uplink ports
>advertising System Name an System Capabilities. The switches seem to
>discover and properly list their neighbours.
>FusionInventory is able to discover the switches and their interfaces, 
>but the machines registered by the FusionInventory Agents are randomly 
>mapped to ports all over the place. There are "hubs" connected to 
>switches' management interfaces and probably half of the machines are 
>connected to these hubs. The other half of the machines are appearing
>on aggregated or physical uplink ports. Only a few machines are mapped
>to the physical port they are connected to.
>At first I thought the problem might be caused by reused LAG IDs, but 
>after I switched to unique IDs for the whole network nothing has 
>changed. I am not experienced with networking beyond this simple
>setup, so the trick may be with LLPD or how SNMP is configured.
>I would like to humbly ask the community's help on this issue since
>you probably have way more experience in this. I am happy to provide
>more information, just let me know whay you need.

Check your switches works in LLDP, like run the command to see the
neighbour on each switch.


>GLPI version: 9.1.1
>FusionInventory version: 9.1+1.0
>Cisco SG200:
>Dell PowerConnect 5548:
>Dell Networking N2048:
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