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you should also check the ESX task is enabled for the used agent in FusionInventory plugin:
 - found the agent in the agent list
 - edit it  and check ESX task is enabled

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I need to help, I use GLPI 9.2.2 + Fusioninventory 9.2+2.0. 

I can use this commands and work: 

fusioninventory-esx --host HOST --user ADMIN --password 'PASSWORD' --directory /tmp 
fusioninventory-injector -v --file /tmp/HOST.ocs -u http://MYSERVER/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/ 

When I try to use on task management, but don't work. standing still on prepared mode. 
When I exucte fusioninventory-agent I Look this message: "esx support disabled server side" 

My Config: 

Plugins --> FusionInventory --> connectivity --> Authentication for remote devices (VMware) 
I add User and Password 

Plugins --> FusionInventory --> Remote devices to inventory (VMware) 
I add name and IP 

Plugins --> FusionInventory --> General --> General Configuration 
I enable Vmware host remote inventory. 

On logs don't show erros. Any idea? 

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