[libhid-discuss] device with multiple interfaces

Charles Lepple clepple at ghz.cc
Tue May 15 22:03:22 UTC 2007

Arvid Picciani wrote:
>> lsusb confirms.
> indeed :(
>> This is problematic. In order to communicate with the USB device
>> directly in your application you must first disconnect the kernel
>> HID driver. This is a really bad approach to programming the device.
>> (Sometimes neccessary because of really bad device design.)
> does this mean i _could_ see the other interfaces when disconnecting from
> the kernel?

You can use libhid-detach-device to detach the kernel driver from each of
the two interfaces, and then try running 'lsusb -vvv' on it. That will
show you whether the interfaces have been merged together.

Charles Lepple
clepple at ghz.cc

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