[libhid-discuss] how do I read events from a Hama MCE remote (keyboard+mouse)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Oct 6 16:10:11 UTC 2009

Péter Szabó wrote:
> Thanks for the helpful and insightful answer.

You're welcome.

> > Another option could be to detach the kernel drivers from
> > the devices in your application.
> This does work. With a little modification of Bob Pwwer's detach
> program (original: http://www.linuxha.com/common/iplcd/detach.tgz ;
> modified: http://code.google.com/p/pts-mini-gpl/source/browse/#svn/trunk/pts-usb-detach
> ) I could detach the usbhid driver from the device.

You would do this in your own program, which will then drive the

> Unfortunately, /dev/input/event7 and event8 also disappeared.

Yes, that is to be expected. As I explained they are provided by the
kernel input layer, which is fed data by the kernel USB HID driver,
which you just disabled.

> Do I understand correctly that I can use libhid or libusb (which
> one? I think libusb would be more appropriate) at this point to
> talk to the remote?

Yes. libusb also has a function for detaching kernel drivers,
although it only works on Linux. libhid and libusb will both work.
Which you use is really up to you.

> Is there some library which makes parsing easy?

No. The reference USB HID keyboard driver exists in the kernel. I
don't believe there is a userspace keyboard driver. Maybe in Hurd?

> > Ideally you will find a way to not just use the kernel drivers.

Oops. That should be without "not" ^^^ there.

> > /dev/input/event data is very easy to consume, you only really have
> > to block the keyboard and mouse within the HID layer.
> > Maybe you can get that done easily in the kernel.
> Yeah, reading /dev/input/event* should be the easiest for me.
> Any idea how to block the kernel from using the remote in the
> keyboard and mouse subsystem?

"in the kernel" and "within the HID layer"

> Any idea who knows how to to do this.

Look for the Linux input layer developers. Ask them how you can make
a device accessible via the event interface but just not pool into
the "console" keyboard and mouse inputs. I'd be happy to learn what
they reply too.


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