Use case: bonding Ethernet and WiFi

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Wed May 9 21:42:51 UTC 2007

also sprach Marcus Better <marcus at> [2007.05.09.2106 +0200]:
> At home I have both Ethernet and wireless. Sometimes I like to work with 
> Ethernet (for speed), sometimes with wireless. I can bond the wired and 
> wireless interfaces [1] to create a virtual interface that uses either the 
> wired or wireless connections, whichever is available. When the network cable 
> is unplugged, traffic would automatically switch over to the wireless 
> interface (without breaking any connections!). If I'm on wireless and decide 
> I need some extra speed for a download, I can plug in a network cable, and 
> again all connections are kept.

My goal is definitely to get netconf working first. I hope that
a plugin architecture is possible in which such scenarios could be
realised. When it is, patches are welcome.

Bottom up. Let's start small.

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