Use case: bonding Ethernet and WiFi

Marcus Better marcus at
Wed May 9 19:06:35 UTC 2007

At home I have both Ethernet and wireless. Sometimes I like to work with 
Ethernet (for speed), sometimes with wireless. I can bond the wired and 
wireless interfaces [1] to create a virtual interface that uses either the 
wired or wireless connections, whichever is available. When the network cable 
is unplugged, traffic would automatically switch over to the wireless 
interface (without breaking any connections!). If I'm on wireless and decide 
I need some extra speed for a download, I can plug in a network cable, and 
again all connections are kept.

Here's a final twist which I haven't even tried to implement with ifupdown: 
The bonding should only happen when I'm at home. It should not happen if I 
connect to a foreign Ethernet, or a foreign wireless cell.

(To be truthful I haven't actually tested any of the above, because it's a 
mess to configure currently.)


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