[Nut-upsdev] upsdrv_updateinfo() in newhidups.c

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+nut at agci.com
Sat Aug 13 01:22:43 UTC 2005


I assume this is really for Arnaud:

I am looking at the code in upsdrv_updateinfo() where it is processing a
HID notification, i.e. it is not doing a full update:

Question one, is it implicitely assumed that ups.status related items
will always require a translation (i.e. item->hid2info != NULL) in order
to be effective? I haven't seen any place where that is enforced, but
there are no ups.status type updates for the no translation case. I think
this may always be the case, but then it should be somehow enforced.

Question two, in the same code, if an item doesn't require a translation
(i.e. item->hid2info == NULL), why are non-status items not updated, while
they are updated in the translation case, provided there is a new value?

The reason I ask the second question is because in my case the UPS burps
RunTimeToEmpty and RemainingCapacity, and they might as well be updated
when they come.

Thanks, AG

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