[Nut-upsdev] Re: About CVS usage of tags and branches in NUT (was: CVS branches?)

arnaud.quette at mgeups.com arnaud.quette at mgeups.com
Wed Aug 17 06:47:25 UTC 2005

Charles wrote:
> > On 8/16/05, arnaud.quette at mgeups.com <arnaud.quette at mgeups.com> wrote:
> ...
> > The above mentionned 'numeric' are tags. I still wonder if I'll
> > continue to use tags: Testing "tags" (ie 2.0.2-pre1) are somewhere
> > managed through tarballs (as for stable), and we don't need
> > this much for Development... I think I'll so simply remove the
> > above mentionned tags not to pollute.
> It's useful to know which versions of files went into a given stable
> tarball - it helps to know whether a bug was fixed before or after a
> release.
> But maybe we want an unambiguous prefix for those tags -
> "release_X_Y_Z" or something. That will group all the tags together in
> the cvsweb dropdown, for one thing.

I hear you but:
1) tagging each release make redundancies with the existing patchs
and tarballs (for each stable and testing, there's a patch _and_ a
tarball). Looking at the CHANGES file help to see what has changed
and when
2) the drop down list grows too quickly when tagging each stable/testing
release, with a result that I don't like (too much info == loss of info).

So I'll continue with the same process: No tags for stable and testing,
and cvs tags for development.


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