[Nut-upsdev] more on 2.0.3-pre

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+nut at agci.com
Mon Oct 3 23:45:14 UTC 2005


Sorry to bother you again, I just checked out the latest from the
development tree, but I encountered a problem. I wasn't able to
update the writable variables with upsrw I got something like this:
 # upsrw -u upsadmin -p mon-pass -s battery.charge.low=23 ups.agci at localhost
 Set variable failed: Set command failed

Wherever you added the ST_FLAG_STRING back in, the following length field 
is still zero. That doesn't seem to work, if I remember right that field 
is the length of said string. So on a hunch I changed the third field of 
each entry in question from 0 to 5, and I am now able to update the 
variables in question and check them with upsc, and upsrw without a -s 
option still works (again).

Would you please have a look at this? Thanks, AG

   Alfred Ganz					alfred-ganz at agci.com
   AG Consulting, Inc.				(203) 624-9667
   440 Prospect Street # 11
   New Haven, CT 06511

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