[Nut-upsdev] more on 2.0.3-pre

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Tue Oct 4 03:42:00 UTC 2005

Drats, you are right. Those string lengths actually did mean
something. Well, I am glad to know it, and fixed it now in CVS. 

Perhaps one of these days I'll get around to fixing up and documenting
that whole newhidups variable declaration magic syntax. Also needed is
some mechanism to write symbolic names (such as "disabled", "enabled")
into writable variables (currently only numerical values work here). 
I'll work on this. 

Thanks for the careful testing. -- Peter

Alfred Ganz wrote:
> Peter,
> Sorry to bother you again, I just checked out the latest from the
> development tree, but I encountered a problem. I wasn't able to
> update the writable variables with upsrw I got something like this:
>  # upsrw -u upsadmin -p mon-pass -s battery.charge.low=23 ups.agci at localhost
>  Set variable failed: Set command failed
> Wherever you added the ST_FLAG_STRING back in, the following length field 
> is still zero. That doesn't seem to work, if I remember right that field 
> is the length of said string. So on a hunch I changed the third field of 
> each entry in question from 0 to 5, and I am now able to update the 
> variables in question and check them with upsc, and upsrw without a -s 
> option still works (again).
> Would you please have a look at this? Thanks, AG
> -- 
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