[Nut-upsdev] Liebert PowerSure PSA 500

Jochen Bern bern at ti.uni-trier.de
Wed Oct 5 03:18:57 UTC 2005

Peter Selinger wrote:
> I am still waiting on more feedback from Jochen and Stewart

Sorry for the delay, but the fact of the matter is that I'm at my 
keyboard for the first time since almost a week ... and that's not very 
likely to improve in the next 1-3 months. :-/

Joe Krahn wrote:
> Having been in contact with Liebert and a Liebert UPS developer, can you 
> get a copy of the ESP-II protocol used for Liebert RS-232 communications?

I seriously doubt it, as a guess. I got that far by asking for a single 
bit of information that plain isn't covered even in their Intranet (but 
obviously *should* be given plainly in proper public product docs). 
Copies of internal (?) docs are another matter, especially when the guy 
you're asking uses that very information to make a living ... :-}

> I have a Liebert UPS, and am able to monitor with their MultiLink 
> software, which is not that great.

You got it (Linux version) to *run*? Congratulations ...

								J. Bern

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