[Nut-upsdev] Liebert PowerSure PSA 500

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Sun Oct 2 03:06:21 UTC 2005

I wouldn't give up on the USB support quite yet. In another thread on
this mailing list, Stewart Morgan got it to work pretty well. I am
still waiting on more feedback from Jochen and Stewart so that we'll
get permanent Liebert support.

Regarding RS-232 support, you might want to experiment with the
"belkinunv" driver. I don't know if it will work, but knowing that
Liebert and Belkin use identical USB protocols, I wouldn't be
surprised if they used compatible serial protocols as well.

-- Peter

Joe Krahn wrote:
> Jochen,
> Having been in contact with Liebert and a Liebert UPS developer, can you 
> get a copy of the ESP-II protocol used for Liebert RS-232 communications?
> I have a Liebert UPS, and am able to monitor with their MultiLink 
> software, which is not that great. I actually have not tried the NUT USB 
> interface yet, but it seems that RS-232 might be a better choice than 
> USB, if you have the right cable and a serial port.
> Thanks,
> Joe Krahn
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