[Nut-upsdev] Re: apc-hid tests, ups_status updates

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+nut at agci.com
Sun Oct 9 02:11:57 UTC 2005


> first, even if your battery is full, and your ups is online, there is a
> small amount of power drawn. So having always is CHRG status is normal.
> In fact, these complementary status are more interesting for higher end
> UPSs.
> second, these status need not to be handled like LB, as each one clears the
> other. While LB had no pending event (!LB) before...
> or did I get you wrong?
First, I fully understand that a UPS may report "Charging" because of a
small amount of power drawn. However, in that case I would expect the UPS
to report PowerSummary.PresentStatus.Charging with a value of one, and that
should then show in ups_status.

Second, I have encountered at least one situation in which the UPS reports
"OL DISCHRG", but then immediately reports both Discharging and Charging
as zero, and ups_status is therefore never cleared. I don't know the details
of timing that lead to this situation, but it reproducibly exist, and I
think the status should be cleared even though "Charging" never showed.

I guess my real question would be, are the variables Discharging and
Charging of the PowerSummary.PresentStatus as reported by the UPS, Boolean
variables according to the HID prototcol? If they are, then ignoring any
value reported as zero seems to me to be a mistake.

Thanks, AG

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