[Nut-upsdev] apc-hid tests with the new ups_status updates

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+nut at agci.com
Sun Oct 9 19:57:58 UTC 2005


Here are the transitions that I have tested with your latest changes
(on the APC/Back-UPS ES 650):
1) OL ==> OB DISCHRG followed by OB DISCHRG ==> OL (no CHRG inbetween)
2) OL CHRG ==> OL
3) OL CHRG ==> OL CHRG LB (by manipulating battery.charge.low)
4) OL CHRG LB ==> OL CHRG (i.e. transition from below)
5) OB DISCHRG ==> FSD OB DISCHRG LB followed by proper shutdown
In other words, as far as I can see everything works as expected.
Also, "load.off" indeed shuts the load on my APC/Back-UPS ES 650 
instantaneously (not that I intended to test that!).

BTW, I usually do the same types of builds that you reccommended, 
just from time to time I go back to a clean slate, and today was 
unfortunately one of those times! And no, the fix for the al175.c
compile problem hasn't reached the development tree yet!

Hope this helps, AG

   Alfred Ganz					alfred-ganz at agci.com
   AG Consulting, Inc.				(203) 624-9667
   440 Prospect Street # 11
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