[Nut-upsdev] Managing configuration and driver names changes (was: About blazer, powermust and mustek)

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 07:09:49 UTC 2005

ok, I'll try to sum up the thread and answers to the various point:

2005/10/24, Peter Selinger <selinger at mathstat.dal.ca>:
> Arnaud Quette wrote:
> ...
> > Any perl (or other well supported scripting) monger out there to take
> over
> > that one?
> Great idea. How about bash/sh? Still the most universally available
> scripting language. I am including a script below that is called as
> updateconf.sh <configfile> <olddriver> <newdriver>
> It does the trick nicely. It would have to be integrated into the
> install process.
> ...

- bash/sh are the standard on Linux/Unix, not on windows. Though the support
for this last is not a high priority, we should always keep it in mind.
However, if the auto conf update doesn't apply to it, it's not a big problem
as we only support the client part for the moment... So bash'ing is ok for
me, at least for the moment.

- I would better see an autonomous script, which embed the data and the
processing, whereas you only have the processing above.
Having a table with "<old_drv> <new_drv>" format, with the 2nd field
embedding params too (ie "powermust" "megatec -some_mode" should be fine).
But Carlos is also right telling that we do not consider the driver options.
So there should be some completion in the new support. All options that are
useful have to be supported by the new driver. The remainder have to be
discussed here. If these are really anymore needed, we might have a 3rd
field to tell this (ie "mfr,test" will ask for the removal of
"mfr=something" and "test=something" params in ups.conf

- if something fails for some reason, make a BIG and CLEAR warning to the

- about the importance of such a task: don't just think about a standalone
box that have to migrate manually. Think about some Debian infra, with
thousand of hosts, upgraded automatically. What a nightmare for the sysadmin
if he has to edit all conf to update it, even in batch mode!
I can tell personnaly that 90 % of the user msg in my debs are there to warn
for conf changes. And that's really borrying (mix boring and worrying) for
things that could be automated, trust me. But it 's true that we might (if
possible) give the choice to users to auto or manually migrate their conf!

- keeping in mind nut-ng (what we have made since 2.0.1 is really tiny), the
conf will be hugely reworked. So this script might handle this possible
conversion too. But there, it's a matter of year(s)...

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