[Nut-upsdev] 3phase progress?

Niklas Edmundsson nikke at acc.umu.se
Mon Oct 31 19:51:44 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I've been (very) out of the loop for a while, up to the point that I 
had completely missed that the mailing list has moved. Oh well.

However, Kjell Claesson poked at me regarding the 3phase stuff, so I 
found out that I had missed the recent events. In any case, it seems 
that the situation is unchanged regarding 3phase support.

As some of you remember I made a suggestion for a 3phase naming-space:

I got almost no feedback on this, which means that it either sucks or 
rocks completely.

In either case, we need to move forward on this, so:

My general idea is to not change the current (as of the proposals 
writing) namespace, so existing applications and drivers continue to 

The proposal consists of adding useful measurements, and a "CONTEXT" 
to specify what's measured in 3phase mode. "CONTEXT" doesn't exist in 
1phase mode. This makes a clean naming space which shouldn't be too 
hard to understand, implement and maintain.

To add to a recent debate on whatever UPS it was that return only real 
power (W): This proposal adds real power measurements to the 

Any reactions this time? Please?

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