[Nut-upsdev] Powercom BNT-1200AP driver

Алексей Сидоров alex at reutman.ru
Sun Dec 24 11:33:08 CET 2006

Arjen de Korte пишет:
> Alexey Sidorov wrote:
>> What about driver for my UPS?
>> I have changed the powercom driver for myself, but I have made it not
>> absolutely correctly. However, somehow this driver works.
> In that case, post your code here (or send it to me privately if you're
> too embarrassed to post for all the world to see) and we'll see if we
> can merge it into the existing powercom driver or somewhere else.
>> Now i have protocol spec for powercom BNT series and attach it to this
>> email. It can be interesting to authors?
> It might be, as long as it doesn't infringe on intellectual property
> rights. In other words, if you got it directly from Powercom and they
> explicitly told you that it is OK to make it public, we can use it. If
> not, we can't and should remove the attachment from the mailing list
> archive.
> Best regards, Arjen
This information is received by me from the Russian office of Powercom Co., Ltd. (http://www.pcm.ru/).
They have allowed to use this information in NUT

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