[Nut-upsdev] Re: Powerware 9125 working w/ SNMP

Mike Patterson mpatters at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Mar 13 17:35:04 UTC 2006

Mike Patterson wrote on 3/13/06 12:16 PM:
> Kjell Claesson wrote on 3/11/06 3:21 PM:
>> Don't think that Nikke have any snmp card on the Powerware.
>> So if Niels find that it work's OK, then he check it in.
> OK, thanks guys.  I'll keep an eye on the commits.

Actually, while that hasn't been committed, I did apply that particular
patch already (the diff from
) so it would seem that there are still some MIBs missing.

Or else I'm doing something else wrong, which is entirely possible.  I
was surprised that the MIBs seemed incomplete, given that it's the same
SNMP card in both my 9125 (that works) and 9170 (that doesn't).  But the
9170's considerably older than the 9125, so maybe it's missing some
stuff anyway.  I don't know enough about pw UPSen to really say.

I can try to ascertain what's missing / unimplemented, but I'm also an
SNMP-n00b - this is only the second time I've needed to really care
about it - so I can't guarantee results.  :-)

thanks again,


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