[Nut-upsdev] APC Smart-UPS 1000 RM USB problems with newhidups

Justin Maggard jmaggard10 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 05:04:55 UTC 2006

Well, after our first real extended power outage, I found out that even 
though the UPS 1000 RM is recognized okay, it does not work properly.  It 
never seems to see any change in UPS status.  It looks very similar to the 
other issue I reported with the APC CyberFort 350.  I never was able to get 
to the bottom of the CyberFort issue, but I'll bet it's the same issue as we 
have with the APC 1000 RM.  Here's what I have done so far:
* Machine is a AMD Athlon, running current Debian stable, 2.4.27 stock 
Debian kernel
* Machine has been verified working with a few APC BackUPS models with 
1)  Tested by unplugging the power, right after a fresh boot.  --  Newhidups 
didn't see any change at all
2)  Restarted the driver without rebooting.  --  Still said the UPS was 
3)  Stopped the driver, un/replugged the USB cable, restarted driver.  --  
Newhidups saw that it was OB
4)  Plugged in UPS power cable.  --  Newhidups saw battery level going up, 
but still saw OB

Then, I decided to try on my Toshiba Centrino laptop, running Fedora Core 4, 
stock 2.6.11 Fedora kernel.  I started just newhidups with -DD without upsd 
or upsmon.  It did notice all the UPS events and battery level changing, but 
segfaulted after a couple minutes.

Does anyone have any ideas here?  George, I'm also wondering what kernel 
you're running on the box you have attached to your SmartUPS 1000 RM.

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