[Nut-upsdev] PowerWalker UPS - Re-branded Mustek ?

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Tue Mar 28 08:54:11 UTC 2006

> ps:
> Furthermore, there seems some inconsistency between driver.list and
> website:
> # Network UPS Tools driver.list
> #
> # This file is used to build the compat.html on the web server.  Any line
> # with exactly 4 arguments will be turned into an entry on there.
> # Naturally, it is read by parseconf, so the usual escaping tricks are
> # allowed if you need to insert something unusual.
> Is compat.html really built from this file or is this just outdated
> information ?

I guess the compatibility page is no longer generated from this list. The
fact that 'compat.html' no longer exists, but is now split into
'compat/dev.html' and 'compat/stable.html' is indicative that something
has changed too.

> For example, I don`t find information about the fact, that Mustek UPS is
> known to NUT.

I agree with you that we should update this file more frequently and
preferably should be generated from the 'driver.list' file. However, I
don't know if this is still possible, since the hosting of the site has
changed a while ago.

> (BTW: can NUT do autodetection? this should help others who
> don´t have such luck or which are not happy to do "experiments")

For a UPS with a USB connection, there is a fair chance that it is
supported via the 'newhidups' driver and autodetected. Other than that,
the answer is 'no' (unfortunately). The serial PnP signatures for UPSes
with a RS-232 interface are not collected presently and many don't even
support serial PnP at all (with a few exceptions, almost all contact
closure type ones).

Autodetection should not be a function of NUT, but rather be build into
the OS, since many more devices may be detected that have no relation to
NUT. Having each project write its own autodetection mechanism is wasteful
then or confusing at best. We have just started investigating if we can
integrate NUT this via HAL, but it is way too soon to see if and when this
will be possible. In the mean time, a configuration wizard that scans for
devices that *do* support serial PnP might be helpful.

> pps:
> sorry for crossposting - but i thought this was probably of interest for
> both users and developers - and since traffic isn`t very high......

In that case it might be better to just post to users, since most
developers will read that too.


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