[Nut-upsdev] Re: New automake targets and Debian packages

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 15:22:11 CET 2006


sorry not to have answered before...

2006/11/19, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com>:
> I was trying to merge the Debian unstable packaging files with the NUT
> trunk, and I noticed a bit of a problem with the automake changes.

thanks a lot Charles for this much appreciated help on this point ;-)

> For the uninitiated, the 'debian/rules' file is essentially a Makefile
> that is used to build the package and split things into the
> sub-packages. If you look at line 85 of this copy of the rules file:
> http://boxster.ghz.cc/projects/nut/browser/trunk/packaging/debian/rules#L85
> you will notice that the old "install-*" targets are used to
> distribute the files between the packages.
> Basically, whatever is in debian/nut-usb after running through "rules"
> will end up in the nut-usb-<version> package, etc. That means we coud
> potentially use the new unified "install" target, and move files out
> of debian/nut into debian/nut-{usb,snmp,dev,cgi} afterwards.
> However, if we do that, we are ignoring the information in Makefile.am
> about which subsystem a given file belongs to. If I read things
> correctly, the "--with-XYZ" options still need programs to be grouped
> so that they can be enabled or disabled at config time. The problem is
> that we would like to configure just once, build just once (so we do
> not need all the old "build-*" targets) and install multiple times
> with different $DESTDIR settings.
> Peter: how hard would it be to bring back the install-* targets? If
> you're busy, I can crack open my Automake book and look at this, but
> I'm sure there was a reason for doing it the way you did, even if it
> was just to simplify the conversion. I was a little confused at some
> of the variable names, but that's probably because I was trying to
> compare it with the old build system.
> Arnaud: do you have a suggestion for how we could handle this better?
> Again, I don't want to have too much information repeated in the
> packaging directory, since things can easily get out of sync later on.
> Also, what is the "RUNUID" stuff for? Won't that get ignored if I use
> "fakeroot" to build the debs? Don't worry, I won't commit any changes
> to debian/ in the top-level directory; it'll go in packaging/debian
> like before.

no worry, this doesn't harm until an official upload ;-)
so you can safely commit it to the trunk.
Note that, part of the 2.2 switch, I want to merge the nut and nut-usb
packages, so the split gives:
nut (provides nut-usb, and also nut-doc until 2.4)

So the install rules are limited to the development files, and CGI /
SNMP things (note that I haven't yet gone through the automake and
install thread...).

Also note that I've "validated" 2 NMUs (Non Maintainer Uploads)
dealing with the udev rules, so you can also merge these...

thanks again,
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