[Nut-upsdev] Driver for Cyberpower PR2200

Doug Reynolds mav at wastegate.net
Tue Apr 24 21:22:44 UTC 2007

Russ Romano wrote:

> Is there anything I can do to facilitate the further development of the 
> "cyberpower" driver to cover my model?  I could probably work around it 
> and hack it for myself... but if I'm going to put the energy into fixing 
> it, I'd rather do it in the framework of the overall development so 
> others can have it as well.  Or perhaps it is already being addressed by 
> someone else.

After looking at the specs for your ups, your ups is more than likely supported by the powerpanel ups driver in smart mode and in contact closure mode with the genericups driver using "upstype =7".

Please try the powerpanel driver, if it works, we can list it as a supported device.  If not, perhaps we can help you out.

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