[Nut-upsdev] Driver for Cyberpower PR2200

Russ Romano russ at cb-1.com
Tue Apr 24 20:28:22 UTC 2007

First let me start by saying how terrific NUT seems to be.  I have not
gotten it working properly with my own UPS yet due to a driver issue,
but all of the features I could dream up are in there.
I've worked hard to hack around the OEM software from CyberPower for my
PR2200 UPS to get it to remotely shutdown other computers on the network
which are powered from that UPS, and they provide NO hooks whatsoever.
The simple ability to call a script prior to local shutdown is all that
I really needed to ssh to the various remote machines and shut them
down.  Instead it requires lots of cron jobs, and explicit monitoring
using their software manually to determine status and act accordingly.
On top of it all... their software often exhibits a "serial comm
failure" apparently because it doesn't like to be polled as often as my
cron job is polling it.  NUT promised to solve all my problems with the
layered approach, but my PR2200 is not properly supported.
Is there anything I can do to facilitate the further development of the
"cyberpower" driver to cover my model?  I could probably work around it
and hack it for myself... but if I'm going to put the energy into fixing
it, I'd rather do it in the framework of the overall development so
others can have it as well.  Or perhaps it is already being addressed by
someone else.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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