[Nut-upsdev] Driver for Cyberpower PR2200

Russ Romano russ at cb-1.com
Thu Apr 26 03:58:24 UTC 2007

I captured the information before reading this, so I'll give you what I
have for now, and if we need more data I'll capture some more.

You can download the MS Excel spreadsheet of the portmon captures here:
http://www.lvahs.com/pr2200.xls (I didn't want to flood the list with
huge emails)

The spreadsheet contains 4 sheets...

1) "UPS NOT Connected" - This is what the software OEM software sends to
the serial port trying to communicate with the UPS (but the UPS wasn't
connected here).

2) "Cyberpower PR2200 Connected" - This is all the traffic that went by
from the time the OEM software was loaded until it was reporting
constant status "on line" power.

3) "Repeats while on Line Power" - This snippet is repeated over and
over again while on line power.  Battery is at 100%, Load was 27%, Input
Voltage 121V, Freq 60 Hz, Temp 102F (screen capture of OEM control panel
at http://www.lvahs.com/pr2200.jpg)

4) "Power Fail and Recovery" - This string of data was captured starting
with the UPS on line power with a 27% load.  Portmon was cleared, and
the power was pulled.  The CPU temperature dropped to 98 degrees, and
then 96 degrees while on battery (because the fan runs when on battery).
The battery percentage read 100%, 98%, 97%, 96%, 86%, and then 85%
before power was restored somewhere around lines 441 through 458.

Let me know what else you may need.  I can easily vary the load, on line
and on battery.  There is a log of status, and I can probably set that
update interval to be whatever the natural update rate is of the OEM
software, and include that along with the portmon capture.  Just let me
know what you may want to see.


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> Russ Romano wrote:
> > Arjen/Doug,
> > 
> > Thanks for the help on this!  I have Windows, Linux, and 
> Mac OSX all 
> > running on site... So I can run just about anything 
> necessary to get 
> > the data we need!
> > 
> > I will move the computers to line power and debug the UPS 
> stuff with a 
> > lamp as the load from now on!! :)  I really should have 
> known better 
> > than to tinker with UPS drivers with the machines on the 
> UPS (no less 
> > 4 machines on the UPS!)
> > 
> > I will use portmon and the cyberpower windows software and 
> capture the 
> > first few seconds of output from portmon.  I'll also note all the 
> > reported data from the cyberpower software so we have a 
> reference for 
> > how that batch of data was interpreted.
> Just for reference sake, try to capture the on line / on 
> battery information.  Also, try to vary the load; that will 
> help us define what kind of information it spits out.  Pay 
> attention to the load setting, try to plug/unplug a lamp / 
> monitor /etc.  It also helps to drain it down a bit to see 
> the percent of power remaining.  That might take a while 
> since you have a 2200VA ups though.

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